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Our Approach 

As ESDER Turkey, we adopt the Results-Based Management (RBM) system in our projects. As it can be seen in the diagram, this system has a cyclical formation. The first step starts with certain planning aspects such as setting the goal and deciding on the result framework. Subsequently, the implementation part starts after all the relevant stakeholders reach to a consensus on the anticipated results of the project. The monitoring activities have a critical role in ensuring the realization of the results. The monitoring and evaluation stages provide crucial and invaluable information in terms of lessons learned for the decision-making and follow-up stages and processes.


In this way, at the end of this whole process, we both ensure the betterment of the monitoring and evaluation processes and make the data obtained from the process to become more meaningful by determining the common goals and the means of measurement in coordination and jointly with all the stakeholders. Due to the cyclical nature of this process, we continuously improve ourselves and our projects by drawing out lessons from the results. 

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